Gmail was released on February 7th in 2007. It is a free web-based e-mail service created by Google that provides users with more than two gigabytes of storage for messages. Gmail can be used to connect with friends, coworkers, and almost anyone with an e-mail account.
Gmail has multiple innovative features.
  • It is completely free, unlike many other e-mail services
  • Instead of using folders to organize your emails, Gmail uses a search paradigm
  • By using Google Gears, Gmail can be accessed offline
  • Gmail provides both POP and IMAP access

Gmail icon on Google Apps

Gmail, like Google, is continually changing, with new components being added and edited. This quick start video is from the latest version of Gmail.

external image Gmail-Settings.png
The 'settings' button, labeled with a gear icon can be clicked to reveal a drop down menu with many different features such as display density, which allows you to pick the density in which your emails are displayed.

external image clip_image0322.png
The red 'compose' button allows users to compose and send emails to other people. These emails can have files, photos, and links attached, as well as be edited with various aesthetics such as different font size and color.